These Various Choices of Carbohydrate Sources That Are Healthier Than Rice

Rice is the staple food of most people in Indonesia. However, that does not mean that carbohydrate sources rely solely on rice. Moreover, white rice is said to increase the risk of health problems. Let's check what foods contain carbohydrates that are actually healthier than rice. According to research, the body should get 45-65% of calories from carbohydrates, 20-35% from fat and 10-35% from protein. Excess carbohydrate often goes unnoticed. For example, if you eat white bread in the morning, eat white rice in the afternoon, and burgers at night. Various Sources of Carbohydrates Besides Rice Food sources, including good carbohydrates, are slow to be absorbed by the body and contain lots of fiber. For example whole wheat, grains, fruits and vegetables. There are a variety of benefits of this type of carbohydrate, including reducing the risk of heart disease, controlling weight while preventing colon cancer. Meanwhile, bad carbohydrates that can increase various risks of dise
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